Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not Your Mom's Haircut

My regular client Katy came to see me the other day so she could get a new ‘do.

Katy is expecting a baby in about a month, so she wanted a haircut and style that’s more manageable than her past-her-shoulderblades current look. She knew the general style she wanted (Nichole Richie's nearly shoulder-length bob). She also knew something else for certain: she didn't want a "mom" haircut.

She brought in this photo of Nicole Richie for inspiration, but she wanted to keep her blunt cut bangs. 

(Photo from

At first I was hesitant to cut Katy's hair, as she's let it grow so long, but I also welcomed the opportunity to change things up for a long-time client. 

Katy's hair is very thick, not to mention women don't shed much hair while they're pregnant, so we made sure to put in layers and do some texturizing on her ends. Additionally, the summer is a great time to go shorter (any gal who lives in Georgia is too familiar with the summer sweatiness that is amplified with long hair).

The finished look is partially Nichole Richie, partially Uma Thurman circa Pulp Fiction (with those slightly blunt bangs). I am happy with Katy's hair (it feels healthy and the cut is fresh and updated), but most importantly, she's happy. 

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  1. Really it's not my mamas haircut...!!!

    Nice curly hair style and also a middle cut hair....!!
    Good post on the styles by the hair salon atlanta

  2. That was a good hair transformation. Though the curly one looks good as well. Great hair you git there!

    Hair Essence