Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not Your Mom's Haircut

My regular client Katy came to see me the other day so she could get a new ‘do.

Katy is expecting a baby in about a month, so she wanted a haircut and style that’s more manageable than her past-her-shoulderblades current look. She knew the general style she wanted (Nichole Richie's nearly shoulder-length bob). She also knew something else for certain: she didn't want a "mom" haircut.

She brought in this photo of Nicole Richie for inspiration, but she wanted to keep her blunt cut bangs. 

(Photo from

At first I was hesitant to cut Katy's hair, as she's let it grow so long, but I also welcomed the opportunity to change things up for a long-time client. 

Katy's hair is very thick, not to mention women don't shed much hair while they're pregnant, so we made sure to put in layers and do some texturizing on her ends. Additionally, the summer is a great time to go shorter (any gal who lives in Georgia is too familiar with the summer sweatiness that is amplified with long hair).

The finished look is partially Nichole Richie, partially Uma Thurman circa Pulp Fiction (with those slightly blunt bangs). I am happy with Katy's hair (it feels healthy and the cut is fresh and updated), but most importantly, she's happy. 

Call me today to talk about how we can style, color or cut your hair in a way that suits your personality, lifestyle and career. (770) 361-3557. My private studio is conveniently located across the street from Perimeter Mall on Hammond Road (just outside of 285).

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ombres and Color Corrections

Pop singer Demi Lavato recently made waves with her dip-dyed pink, blonde and brown locks - catapulting the "ombre" color style back into popularity.

Have you seen the ombre look? It's a hair color look that's dark on top and foiled lighter on the bottom.

While fun and trendy, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with an ombre color, or hair color of any kind for that matter. It's not worth DIYing or using an inexperienced stylist.

Risks of coloring at home or using a novice hair colorist:

Unnatural, uneven colors. Home hair colors contain metallic, which is an unnatural coating which can lead to uneven coloring. For example, if a blonde uses home hair coloring to do highlights, she may end up with spots that are orange, yellow or ashy... not exactly the color "dimension" you want. You may be expecting blonde and end up with neon marigold.

Yikes. Photo credit.
For dark brunnettes, bleach can lead too much color contrast or damage to hair. In other words, brown haired ladies, ask questions before bleach goes on your hair. Hair doesn't necessarily need bleach to be lightened. There are other ways to lift color that aren't as damaging to your strands. There are color combinations solid stylists use to achieve the same color results as bleach.

Hair breakage/damage. If you are unhappy with your home or a professional color gone wrong and you decide to color again, you run the risk of pieces of hair breaking off altogether. Combine that with lots of blow drying and flat ironing and you have a real rough situations on your hands. Hair breakage can take years to fix (if at all).

One, solid dark color on an older person can really age you and accentuate "lines." Your skin tone and your age should be considered when deciding on a hair color. And a good stylist should be honest with you about what shade makes the most sense for you.There's a misconception that highlighting dark hair is a bad idea, when in fact some subtle highlights will soften your whole look and detract from wrinkles/aging.

Putting a big hit on your checking account. A box of at-home color may only cost you $10, but if/when it goes wrong and you end up looking like Carrot Top, you'll definitely be spending $100-plus on un-doing what went wrong. (Though the exact cost must be determined with a professional consultation because all situations are different. The re-work will depend on the color, the elasticity and stability of your hair and what color you want the final/outcome color to be. Also note that your situation may be so challenging that a professional hair colorist won't take on your color correction.). If you pay a "professional" $120 then have to pay someone else to fix it, your pocketbook will be left hurting big time!

All my color corrections include:
  • A consultation so you know exactly how much the fix will cost
  • A heavy duty conditioning treatment
  • Avoiding bleach (to prevent/minimize further breakage)
  • Of course blow dry, flat iron and all the fixings (hydrating polish spray, etc.)
OR save yourself the trouble and use someone who has a solid reputation for color jobs. Read reviews on places like

Of course you can always call me (770-361-3557)! Check out Verrilli Hair Studio's reviews on I have a conveniently located studio across the street from Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, Georgia, and a cozy studio space for my clients. I expect to have online booking up and running in a few weeks so check back for more information soon.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Supporting a Good Cause - Angels Among Us

Pretty Sandy at an Angels Among Us fashion show and awareness event at Northpoint Mall.

The fostered pups.

Life is so much more fulfilling when you make time to support a cause important to you.

One of those causes for me has been helping save animals from no-kill shelters. The specific organization I've been working with is Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. My beautiful daughter Sandy got involved with AAU a few years ago, and I'm so glad she encouraged me to participate as well. Read more about AAU in one of my previous posts here.

I'm now fostering two small dogs (Jimmy Lou and Little Girl) through AAU: both female chihuahuas. They're so easy, and I'm grateful to give them a better life for now. Both pups were found outside in the snow, pretty much abandoned. For the record, these were the names the dogs had when they came to me!

Because I so admire the tireless efforts of AAU volunteers, for all haircuts I do for them, I'm giving back $10 to the organization. It just feels so good to be able to help just a little bit.


Read more about Angels Among Us here:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jodi's Wedding Hair

I had so much fun helping my regular client Jodie look beautiful for her big day. We had a few practice sessions to ensure Jodi got just the look she wanted.

Jodie has gorgeous, super-thick locks that reach down her mid-back. So for her bridal up-do, we explored basketweaves and other styles that kept the weight of her hair distributed (heavy hair can be uncomfortable!).

If you're looking for someone in Atlanta to help with your bridal/wedding hair, or if you want to do something elegant for a charity ball or other formal event you're attending, I'd love to help. Afaterall, an up-do is the perfect accessory for an elegant dress.

At Verrilli Hair Studio, bridal up-do's are $85 (with as many "practice" sessions as you'd like for $20/each). Non-bridal up-do's (bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom, formal event, etc.) are $75.
See you soon!

Mary Verrilli (770-361-3557)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Hair

Congratulations to my client Christina on her gorgeous June wedding. I had the pleasure of doing Christina's hair ($75 for bridal up-do's).

Reasons I like up-do's for bridal hair:
  • More resistant to humidity/heat/rain/etc.
  • Shows off the neckline of wedding dresses
  • You can see the bride's face
  • Generally more risk-averse to the elements

Sunday, July 10, 2011

80s Hair - Big Hair Ball

Me and two of my kids at the Big Hair Ball.

Every now and again, it's fun to play dress up.

I had the opportunity to play dress up (80s style) a few weeks ago at Angels Among Us' inaugural "Big Hair Ball."

My daughter Sandy is very active in the Angels Among Us organization, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in North Georgia. So many perfectly sweet "mutt" pups and kitties don't get adopted because they're not as traditionally cute - and they end up being put to sleep because they weren't adopted. Angels Among Us helps rescute these at-risk animals.

Anyway, on June 18, the organization held its first Big Hair Ball... and it was a blast! Who doesn't love an opportunity to dress in a silly costume, enjoy a great DJ, spend time with fun friends - all while directing some funds to a good cause?

To support Angels Among Us, I'm also offering John Paul Pet products at my salon. 100% profits from the sale of these products goes to my friends at Angels Among Us.

You all know by now that I love cutting and coloring hair, but you may not realize that I also offer blow-outs and hair styling - even fun and funky 80s styles. So if you're headed to an 80s prom and want a killer, teased wild 'do, we can make that happen.

Hope you're all having a great summer!

Mary (770-361-3557)

To learn more about Angels Among Us, visit their facebook page here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I realized I never showed you all my salon! This is my private studio, located at the Perimeter of Atlanta (just outside 285 by Perimeter Mall).
There are many benefits to a private studio. I only see one person at a time. No one overhears our conversations. My pricing isn't dictated by salon management; I set my own prices.
My salon is a happy place for me with me. It has lots of natural light, hardwood floors and a big window. I'm surrounded by photos of friends and family, and treasures from around the world (such as a papyrus piece with Egyptian hieroglyphics on it).

Come see it for yourself!